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Our Lighting designs can be installed all at once or implemented in phases as your budget and timeline allows.

The needs of every project and client varies greatly.  Our experience in the Nashville market allows us to anticipate your needs and provide the best possible solutions. Planning and perfecting your outdoor space can be an overwhelming task. We can design a lighting system for your landscape and at the same time prepare for any other additions; whether it’s a new pool, hardscape, fire pit, or three dimensional sculptures.

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Planning & Design

The technical aspects of installation are considered to be the most crucial step in the performance of your outdoor lighting system. However, it is not the first step. Planning and design is key to any project. Our attention to detail during the planning and design phase will make sure we accomplish your goals for your property. 

What areas do you want to highlight?

Outdoor Kitchens, sitting areas, pools, fire pits, Structures like a pergola, Deck or 3 dimensional art sculptures.

How are you accessing your property?

Ex: Walkways, Paths, Entry ways, Parking areas and steps.

Your property will change overtime; Hardscapes may be removed or added. Landscaping grows and changes; your outdoor lighting system must flexible enough to encompass your outdoor lighting needs, no matter how your property evolves. These adjustments and changes can be easily made with a low-voltage outdoor lighting system. 


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