Our Quality Services

Southern Light is the quality landscape lighting company serving Nashville and the Southeast. Whether it’s the excellent durability of our fixtures and materials, our time enduring installation techniques or award winning lighting designs, there is no equal to the value of a Southern Light system.

Built to last and to love. Southern Light is also at the cutting edge of new lighting technologies like fiber optic and LED’s.

Southern Light offers specialized services in outdoor landscape lighting. By focusing solely on lighting design and installation, we’re able to cultivate best practice techniques that create durable, energy efficient, subtle lighting effects that reveal the true beauty of your property.

Products and Systems

We use only the finest UL-listed fixture components manufactured by companies such as BK, Lumiere, Nightscaping, Hadco and Gardenlight. Out lighting systems are also energy efficient. A typical Southern Light selected flood fixture will use nearly half as much electricity as those used by competing firms. And yet, our lighting systems have higher light output levels per watt of electricity.

Lighting Control Options

A Southern Light system can be switch-controlled or automatic depending on customer preference. Automated systems will involve either simple mechanical timers allowing for a single on-off action per day, or digital timers allowing for seven day independent operation. We also offer capacitor power backup to maintain time of day and program through extended power outages, as well as automatic daylight savings adjustments. We are also fully capable of integrating systems into home control systems.

Installation Details

We take great care throughout the design and installation process to ensure that lighting fixtures are properly prepared and positioned to minimize glare and provide balanced light levels. We bury our low-voltage lighting cables six to eight inches below grade and within close proximity to hands capes. This avoids damage by aerators, invisible fences and other landscape maintenance. Any trenches opened for conduit installation will be done with the greatest care and routed to avoid crosscutting tree roots within the drip lines of established trees. All trenches are hand raked, seeded and returned to grade after installation. All cabling preformed in exterior conditions is connected only with direct-bury rated waterproof splices to ensure operation over the life of a system.

Repairs and Warranties

All components are covered by manufacturers’ warranties (excluding lamps) for three years from the date of the original installation. Southern Light labor is guaranteed for the duration of the product warranty. We have a full-time office staff and trained service technicians. We’ll respond quickly to lighting maintenance and repair needs.