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A low voltage landscape and architectural lighting system can add safety, security and highlight the beauty of your home and business. Low voltage lighting is easy to adjust as your landscape and home changes.
Twenty-five years of experience has its advantages. Our extensive product knowledge allows us to choose the fixtures that are best suited for your property and desired effect. We will make several suggestions during the demonstration.
The cost of the project will vary based on the degree of difficulty installing the system, number of fixtures and transformer size.  A basic outdoor lighting system start in the area of $2500 installed. We can install in phases or as your budget allows.
All components are covered by manufacturers’ warranties (excluding lamps) for three years from the date of the original installation. Southern Light labor is guaranteed for the duration of the product warranty. We have a full-time office staff and trained service technicians. We’ll respond quickly to lighting maintenance and repair needs.
We can install most outdoor lighting systems in 1 to 3 days.  Larger projects can take much longer as we will install our system as other aspects of the project are completed. Installation time is dependent upon the scope and size of the project.
Absolutely Not!  We take extra care when installing to avoid damaging plants, hardscapes and even your turf.  We use noninvasive techniques that do not require the use of heavy machinery or equipment.
Low Voltage Landscape lighting is very efficient and economical to operate.  Typical use for most customers is 4-8 hours a night.  Most of our high efficiency LED system can be operated for less than $5 to $10 per month.
The lifespan of your bulbs is entirely dependent upon the type of bulb you choose. The lifespan of an LED varies most have a rating of 10,000hrs to 50,000hrs. Halogen lamps have a much shorter lifespan and use 2x to 5x the electricity. Typical lifespan for a halogen bulb is 4,000hrs.  We recommend replacing all your Halogen bulbs once a year.  LED’s can be replaced as needed.  Depending upon the daily usage; LED’s can last 5-15 yrs.
Yes!  Adding fixtures to an existing lighting system will be limited by two factors. The size of the transformer as well as the size of the existing wires.  We can potentially free up as much as 75% of the transformers power by upgrading the entire system to LED’s.  For more information on LED’s click here.
We are happy to install and service lights across the Middle Tennessee area and beyond.  Most of our customers reside in the following areas, Belle Meade, Brentwood, Franklin, Green Hills, Oak Hill, Bellevue and other neighborhoods in the Nashville Area.  Many of our customers depend on our installation and services for their second homes or out of state properties.
Most customers’ needs are satisfied by the use of simple timers and photocells that require very little adjustment.  We can also work with your preferred vendor of centralized control. We offer user friendly control systems that enable you to make adjustments as needed.  One popular option is to install a simple outdoor switch so you can control the level of light in a specific area. A good example is a lighting fixture above a grill or hot tub that can be activated whenever you prefer.
We accept: Cash, Check, Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American express.  We offer online bill pay as well for your convenience.  You can also contact us by phone and make a payment via credit card.

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